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Klimato now aligned with WRI’s Coolfood Methodology

Klimato is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Coolfood, an initiative by the World Resources Institute, who turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity and human well-being. 

Klimato and Coolfood share a commitment to ensuring accurate, science-backed data that can help the food service industry reduce its emissions and move closer to its climate targets. For this purpose, WRI’s Coolfood Methodology uses procurement data to measure food-related GHG emissions, including carbon opportunity costs, and was developed using experience and user testing with more than 30 food providers to recommend metrics that are not only robust and relevant, but also feasible and cost-effective, to measure commonly available data. 

As part of its collaboration with Klimato, Coolfood has undertaken a comprehensive review of our methodology to ensure it is consistent with and meets the requirements under the Coolfood Methodology. By undertaking this peer-review, Klimato and Coolfood are ensuring that our clients access reliable, science-backed data. This methodology alignment also means that customers using the Klimato labels to identify low carbon dishes do have access to science-based, up-to-date thresholds for what’s considered low carbon.

To maximize our joint impact, Klimato endorses WRI’s Cooldfood initiative, which includes the Coolfood Pledge, a science-based target to reduce food emissions by 25% by 2030. The Coolfood Pledge helps organizations take a target-measure-act approach to reducing food-related GHG emissions by:

  • Identifying no-regret strategies for their unique circumstance
  • Staying updated on the latest environmental and behavioral science research through member-only webinars
  • Testing strategies to cut emissions in the field
  • Connecting with the brightest minds in environmental and behavioral science
  • Engaging their audience and telling their story
  • Accessing plug-and-play marketing materials to engage customers
  • Utilizing quarterly creative briefs to help their communications and marketing teams
  • Communicating their sustainability story in their own voice

How people make decisions on what they eat is driven by a host of subconscious behaviors beyond simply taste and price. Whether it’s knowing the best evidence-based strategies to sell plant-based menu items, understanding the tradeoffs of sourcing meat, or advertising climate-friendly foods with a menu label, there’s more for you to tap into. Coolfood and Klimato are here to help, guiding food organizations toward successful climate action plans. 

You can find out more about the Coolfood Pledge at







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