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Communicate Impact with

Carbon Labelling

Creating instant understanding

Our labels create a clear and quick way for consumers to understand the climate impact from the emissions of their food. 

We offer a modular approach to our labels enabling our customers to represent climate data in personalised, accurate ways.

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A flexibile approach to Carbon labelling

Our labels are available in real time when you use our calculator, allowing you to always understand the impact of your ingredients on your communication.

One Label. everywhere

The simplicity of our carbon labels create instant recognisability across your product range whether it be menu based or on store shelves.

Instant updates

Our calculator enables you to generate new labels quickly, when you need them in different designs to match your packaging.

Create data-backed change through Behaviour

Drive new consumer activity

Carbon labelling your dishes unlocks a strategic way to build consumer behaviour that supports your sustainability goals and productivity in recipe development. Our calculator and labels offer your food operators to take actionable steps towards supporting your business need. All while building trust with customers to keep them coming back.

Build revenue predictability

By guiding consumers towards climate concious options you can analyse and develop more opportunity for margin expansion in the dishes you serve more of. Carbon labels are backed by our reports that give you insight into your procurement reports and what ingredients make the difference.

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Ingredient Variations
Unique Ingredients
Emission Factors


HERE's where it fits in the klimato ecosystem

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1. Calculate

Use our tool at any point in your development process to understand the carbon footprint and more of your recipes.

We even integrate with tools you already use to offer a seamless experience.

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2. Analyze

Find opportunities in your sustainability data for revenue optimisation through ingredient swaps and scale management.

Klimato gives you the tools to act on both your environmental impact and business need.

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3. Label

Use our science-backed data to educate and direct new types of behaviour from your customers.

Use our labels to guide the way for sustainability aligned revenue opportunities while elevating your brand.

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4. report

Accurate and compliant reporting is critical to meeting sustainability goals.

Our reports enable you to set goals, reduce emissions and reach both sustainability and revenue targets.



We're a team of scientists and technologists building tools to help food businesses become more sustainable.