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Seamless integrations

At Klimato, we understand the importance of providing integration possibilities to drive real change in the whole food industry. With open API endpoints and a range of active partnerships with recipe management, procurement and POS systems, we're equipped to offer tailored solutions for your specific needs.

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Integration partners

Klimato has active partnerships and enables integration with a number of platforms such as recipe management, procurement and POS systems. 

  • Recipe management systems are able to show carbon footprint calculations of recipes on their platform in real-time, powered by Klimato’s climate database. This eliminates the need for using several platforms and combines the strengths of established recipe and menu planning software with Klimato’s sophisticated climate data.

  • Procurement systems combined with Klimato's data provide users with carbon accounting metrics in relation to their purchases, necessary for e.g. reporting scope 3 food emissions.

  • POS (Point Of Sale) systems contain valuable information regarding meals served in a food establishment. When matched with Klimato recipe and climate data, this can produce insightful statistics on climate impact and drive decisions on how to reduce overall emissions.

How it works

In order to integrate with another food management system, Klimato will map their product catalog with the food items in Klimato’s climate impact database. Products are mapped using string similarity and machine learning technology, assisted by manual quality assurance.

Once there exists a mapping between the integration system’s products and Klimato’s, Klimato can provide the climate data necessary for the integrating system to show the carbon footprint of e.g. recipes in their platform. Having a synced product catalog is also the first step to connect further items between the systems, such as recipes, menus, sales and procurement data. With a system fully integrated with Klimato, users can make full use of their existing food management platform with the addition of best-in-class sustainability data.

Open api endpoints

Klimato has established an API interface offering customers using the platform to retrieve recipes, menus and reports they have created, in raw JSON format. This enables Klimato customers to extract their data for use in other applications such as for displaying menus on digital screens and websites, as well as further analysis of recipe and/or report data.

The klimato database
Accessible, Powerful DATA When you need it.

You name it, we have it

Our central database contains more than 2500 unique ingredients with 10000 variations based on country of origin and production methods. We are constantly adding new ingredients and emission factors to match the ever growing pace of the food industry. We can even map your ingredients to our own data for even greater efficiency.

A realtime tool for when you need it most

Klimato's calculator gives you the ability to calculate your emissions at every stage of your supply chain. Chefs can use the tool during recipe development, marketers can generate labels during planning and sustainability managers can retroactively analyse recipes served prior to using Klimato.

Ingredient Variations
Unique Ingredients
Emission Factors



We're a team of scientists and technologists building tools to help food businesses become more sustainable.