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The ultimate sustainability platform for food producers

Klimato provides food producers from ready-meal chains to global brands with science-backed sustainability data and reporting. Food businesses need a frictionless platform for sustainability and innovation managers such as chefs to understand their environmental impacts. Klimato has all this and more to optimise your businesses for a sustainable future.


Join the community of food producers making the food industry more sustainable

We work with food producers like Quorn, Violife Professional, Bonduelle,  Moving mountains, Redefine Meat and many more.

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Meet Your Sustainability goals. Grow your revenue.

Klimato understands the need for actionable data for the food industry. Our tools give you the information, in real time, to make better decisions in your businesses towards a sustainable future.

We can help your business to:

  • Meet net-zero goals through our reporting and analysis.
  • Create predictability in your revenue by using carbon labels to guide consumer behavior.
  • Grow your brand by transparently communicating the environmental impacts of your dishes.
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Multi-Site Management

Our calculator and reporting tools offer a robust interface for managing multiple sites within your organization. Whether you have two locations or two hundred, you can view and manage your sustainability data at an organisation or site level. 

Event Based Reporting

Klimato isn't just for your day to day restaurant operation. Our tool works in real time allowing you to generate reports and labels when you need them. Our calculator gives you the opportunity to add value to one-time events with clear carbon labelling.

Globally Accurate Data

Operating in different regions can be difficult to stay on top of carbon emissions from differences in sourcing, to types of ingredient. Our calculator with science-backed locally sourced data can help your global supply chain make better sustainability decisions.


meet the industry professionals who trust us

Every day we build better solutions suited for different food and hospitality businesses and their needs. We are privileged to work with the best in the business. Hear it from their own words what they think of Klimato.

  • “The insights on the climate impact of food that Klimato provides is becoming more important by the day, and the food I can cook with their help will be dominant in the future. Sodexo as a large company can influence many people to eat better, and we must take these steps together to contribute to a better future"
    Oscar Jonasson
    Executive Chef - Restaurant Björken, Sodexo Cytiva
  • "I’m impressed by the user-friendliness of the app - it is very simple, clear and precise. Composition of new recipes is not too time-consuming, and monthly reporting is great to keep us updated on our progress.”
    Petra Rörfors
    Director of Sales & Sustainability, Courtyard by Marriott
  • “We have found that carbon labels have been a great way to engage with our customers about making more sustainable choices when eating out.”
    Carolyn Lum
    Sustainability Manager, Wahaca
  • “We continue to take new steps, seek change, and make better, more informed decisions in every area of the business. Events is a significant sector for us, and food is a substantial element of an event, hence, our focus here. By working with Klimato and encouraging and educating clients to make conscious choices when they are with us, we’re bringing a huge new dynamic to the way we cater for events that can only have a bigger, positive impact for all.”
    David Connell
    Director of Operations, Exclusive Collections
  • “We are at the forefront of everything to do with sustainability. We do it from within the company, but then there is also pressure from the outside that you should do this as a company. Our customers could easily buy food from shops in Helsingborg before boarding our ferries, so we (and our food) have to stand out.”
    Alexander Gerencser
    Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea
  • "Using Klimato, we have reduced our emissions from the dishes we serve, and we are proud that all of our salads and wraps have a carbon footprint of less than 0.5kg CO2e"
    Ane Nordskar
    COO at LETT
  • “After working with Klimato we have a clearer vision of the issues and solutions associated with the food we serve festival goers and workers. It is now easy to implement changes that actually make a difference.”
    Mia Frogner
    Head of Sustainability and Food at Øyafestivalen
  • "We as a big, big, huge company on a global scale need to be in front, cause if we don't make changes, who should? So it's important to raise awareness about the climate, and it's also a business opportunity, of course. The trend will go towards more vegeatrian/flexitarian diets."
    Christian Hallemyr
    Head of Food Platform at Sodexo
  • “When I tell clients about our work with Klimato they are really impressed, especially for meetings and events, and in some cases it helps us to win business deals and it gives us a clear competitive advantage compared to other hotels in the city.”
    Majorie Sundström
    Sales Manager at Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm
  • “Carbon labelling our menus is important step on our Sustainability journey and Klimato has been the perfect partner to help us get there.”
    Richard Mackie
    General Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton London ExCel
  • "We work with Klimato to aid us in mapping the carbon footprint of all the dishes we produce. We have found this extremely useful in how we plan and put our dishes together. We look forward to seeing where else we can go with Klimato. We would highly recommend Klimato to anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint"
    Rob Smith
    Senior Head Chef, University of Bristol
  • “We wanted to give the staff and students the opportunity to see the carbon impact of their food and also make an informed choice. Young people nowadays are becoming more aware of the consequences of their choices. As a student living in catered accommodation, there’s a limit to what you can do yourself; although food is such an individual choice, this shows that you can make a difference with it. I’m hoping it will empower them to feel like they can make a small change.”
    Sarah Cawthorne
    Environment Officer for Catering, University of Nottingham
  • “Our sustainability work has really taken off with the help of Klimato! Thanks to their calculation tool we have raised the awareness of our climate impact together with our restaurant guests. It's really fun!”
    Jonathan Petersen
    Chef & Founder of Crème Filmhuset
  • “I think what’s the advantage of Klimato is that they have great knowledge of how the restaurant industry works, so it was easy to start working together because I felt we spoke the same language.”
    Pernille Koppang
    Head of Operations and Sustainability


We're a team of scientists and technologists building tools to help food businesses become more sustainable.



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