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Meeting ambitious climate targets with ready-meal chain LETT

LETT is a ready-meal chain specialized in salads, wraps and bowls, dedicated to making it easy and accessible for more people to eat healthy, nourishing and delicious food.




Oslo, Norway / Stockholm, Sweden / Copenhagen, Denmark


Restaurant, Ready-meal chain

Uses Klimato for

Calculating emissions and Carbon labeling menus


"Klimato helps us to make conscious, green choices when choosing which raw materials we want to use at LETT"

- Ane Nordskar, COO, Lett

The Challenge

Reaching their set sustainability goals through menu changes and communications

LETT started working with Klimato’s tool back in 2019 to calculate and understand the carbon footprint of their dishes. Using the insights from these calculations, they were able to update their menu and significantly reduce the climate impact of all their meals.

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The Solution

To address this challenge, LETT decided to use Klimato’s features in the following ways:

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Calculator feature - to measure carbon emissions

When LETT started their journey towards reaching their sustainability goals, the first step was to input all their ingredients in Klimato’s tool to get a cohesive picture of the carbon emissions of each individual ingredient, as well as the accumulated numbers covering their whole dishes' environmental impact.

After the initial calculation phase, their staff was able to carry out a full menu makeover. In this process, the Klimato tool was used to help improve their recipes to be as climate-friendly as possible. This included switching out for example edamame and black rice - for ingredients with a lower carbon footprint, in order to make sure LETT reaches their ambitious climate goals.

Over time, LETT made further optimizations around their menu. One of their favorites was starting to source seasonal and local raw ingredients - particularly vegetables, which had a brilliant effect on their overall climate impact. On top of this, they also make sure to use the whole raw ingredient as often as possible, which helps to reduce their emissions from food waste.

Carbon Labels - to communicate and educate

Carbon labels or CO2e values on menus are an effective solution to initiate conversations with customers around climate impact and how they can make better decisions in terms of food choices. For this purpose, LETT displays CO2e values on their salads, bowls and wraps to educate customers and inspire them to make environmentally-friendlier decisions.



LETT’s results are nothing short of impressive: since starting to use Klimato, all dishes on their menus have been reduced to less than 0.5kg CO2e.

"Using Klimato, we have reduced our emissions from the dishes we serve, and we are proud that all of our salads and wraps have a carbon footprint of less than 0.5kg CO2e"
- Ane Nordskar, COO, LETT

These are exceptional numbers, representing a rare example within the ready-meal and restaurant industry: 0.5kg CO2e per meal means that all LETT's dishes can be defined as low-emitting, making them suitable for a highly sustainable diet.

But they’re not stopping there: LETT has now set an even more ambitious target, which is to go beyond the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and aim for an average carbon footprint of less than 0.3kg CO2e across their menu.

We look forward to seeing their progress, and we’re sure that their amazing work will inspire many more to follow in their footsteps.


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