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How four corners at the Hoxton, Poblenou reduced the carbon footprint of their dishes by 42%

The Hoxton is a British hotel brand part of Ennismore, counting multiple top hotels around the world. Ennismore reached out to Klimato to level up on their food sustainability strategy in The Hoxton Poblenou, requesting sustainability-focused workshops and putting them into practice by implementing a climate-optimized menu that brought along brilliant results.


Ennismore & The Hoxton, Poblenou


Barcelona, Spain



Uses Klimato for

Calculating emissions, Menu optimization

"It's incredible how, with some small adjustments to the recipes, the amount of carbon footprint is reduced, without affecting the final taste and presentation. It is also astonishing how the cost of the dish decreases, allowing us to offer affordable, high-quality products, recipes, and culinary creations."

- Marcos sierra, Head Chef

The Challenge

Introducing more sustainable menu without compromising on taste and results

Klimato has been collaborating with Ennismore on their journey to reduce food-related emissions. Four Corners, a pizza restaurant at the Hoxton, Poblenou - was selected by Ennismore as part of a pilot, during which our climate experts were tasked with helping the Four Corners team navigate the challenge of introducing a more sustainable menu without compromising on taste and results.

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The Solution

To address this challenge, Hoxton Poblenou decided to use Klimato’s features in the following ways:

app and menu mockups together
Calculator feature - to measure carbon emissions

By adding each recipe from Four Corners in the Klimato tool, our team was able to accurately measure the carbon footprint for each ingredient, as well as for the whole dishes, spotting the highest emitting ingredients and identifying opportunities for climate-smart recipe swaps.

Additionally, after calculating the carbon footprint of Four Corners’ whole menu, in August and September 2023 Klimato held three sustainability workshops for The Hoxton and central Ennismore teams, focusing on ingredients, sales mix results and menu recommendations.

Menu adjustments - to climate optimize recipes

Based on the knowledge gained through the workshops with Klimato and our team’s recommendations, the Hoxton team made some small adjustments to their recipes that successfully reduced their carbon footprint without compromising taste or quality. 

After testing the new recipes and restructuring the menu, The Hoxton Poblenou launched a new menu in January 2024, bringing along truly incredible results.



Four Corners achieved amazing results thanks to their climate optimized food offering, reducing the average carbon footprint per sold dish with an incredible 42% from 3.1 kg CO2e to 1.79 kg CO2e.

“Working with Klimato has opened our minds to being more sustainable and has encouraged us to focus more than ever on local and small farm producers' foods. Now, my team is confident and actively involved in making such a remarkable contribution to the earth.
- Marcos Sierra, Head chef at Hoxton Poblenou

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Klimato makes it easier to Reduce emissions from food and meet sustainability Goals

Thanks to the educational workshops with Klimato, carbon emission calculations and climate smart menu optimization, the team at Four Corners managed to achieve impressive results in just a few months, showing how reducing food-related emissions can be a smooth, fun process. Together with Klimato, Ennismore is determined to continue their journey towards reducing their food’s climate impact across their restaurants, setting an important example for the hospitality industry.


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