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How Sodexo-operated lunch canteen at Cytiva met its climate targets as a large company

Restaurant Björken - the Sodexo-operated canteen at pharmaceutical company Cytiva - is not your usual employee canteen. Its ambitious Executive Chef, Oscar Jonasson, serves around 800 hungry guests daily, and took on the challenge to make more sustainable food choices while not compromising taste.




Uppsala, Sweden


Corporate Canteen, Catering

Uses Klimato for

Calculating emissions, Carbon labeling and Sustainability reporting

"The collaboration with Klimato has made me more aware of the types of ingredients that have a high carbon footprint. It has enabled me to cook sustainable food without compromising on taste or experience.”

- Oscar Jonasson, Head Chef, Restaurant Björken - Cytiva

The Challenge

Meeting the set climate goals through climate-smart recipes and menu changes

Chef Oscar Jonasson and his team approached Klimato with clear climate targets, and their desired outcome was to inspire and motivate their guests to choose the most sustainable options on the menu.

chris and oscar in the kitchen
Cytiva case image - chef fixing food

The Solution

To address this challenge, Sodexo decided to use Klimato’s features in the following ways:

app, menu and reports mockups together
Calculator feature - to measure carbon emissions

By inputting all their ingredients in Klimato’s recipe calculator, Oscar and his team are able to obtain accurate data on the carbon footprint for each ingredient, as well as for the complete dishes. Having these numbers allows them to educate themselves, plan climate-smart recipes and experiment with different ingredients to constantly reduce the carbon footprint of the meals they serve.

Carbon Labels - to communicate and educate

Klimato’s tool not only provides relevant data on the carbon footprint of certain ingredients, but it also allows to produce carbon labels that encompass the comprehensive climate impact of a whole meal. These labels serve as a valuable communication tool that can be used on restaurants’ menus and marketing channels to engage customers and inspire positive behavior.

Reporting feature - to track and compare

To achieve Restaurant Björken’s ambitious climate targets, its kitchen staff generates monthly reports in Klimato’s tool to track the progress and ensure they are moving in the right direction. If one month they are off-target, they review the dishes that contributed to the highest climate impact and experiment in the tool, adjusting the recipe and ingredients to reduce the overall carbon footprint.



Restaurant Björken's average carbon footprint per serving has decreased by 59% from 1.5 kg CO2e to 0.6 kg CO2e (October 2019 - March 2023). By continuously using Klimato’s tool and making changes for the better, they are able to keep this number consistent and serve sustainable meals every day.

These are impressive results that reflect the commitment of Oscar’s team to keep serving delicious food that is as climate-friendly as possible.

“The insights on the climate impact of food that Klimato provides is becoming more important by the day, and the food I can cook with their help will be dominant in the future. Sodexo as a large company can influence many people to eat better, and we must take these steps together to contribute to a better future"
- Oscar Jonasson, Head Chef, Restaurant Björken

Cytiva case study reduction graphic

Klimato makes it easier to Reduce emissions from food and meet sustainability Goals

The amazing progress seen at Björken is the result of a dedicated and curious Chef and team. Being the ones determining what’s being served at the restaurant, they have the chance to make a real difference, acting as true climate heroes. Because not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons.


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