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Adding value with sustainable ferry operator ForSea

ForSea is a sustainable shipping company that operates electric ferries between Sweden and Denmark, covering the travels of 6-7 million people every year.




Helsingborg, Sweden


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Uses Klimato for

Calculating emissions and Carbon labeling menus

“We are at the forefront of everything to do with sustainability. We do it from within the company, but then there is also pressure from the outside that you should do this as a company. Our customers could easily buy food from shops in Helsingborg before boarding our ferries, so we (and our food) have to stand out.”

- Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

The Challenge

Outclassing competitors and increasing purchases while adding real value

When ForSea started working with Klimato in January 2021, they were looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors, becoming a sustainability trailblazer in their industry and providing added value to their customers.

forsea hamlet ferry at sea
Forsea menu examples

Getting started with klimato

The implementation of Klimato and carbon labels on the menu was an easy and smooth experience for the staff of ForSea. From the beginning, they made sure to make the most of Klimato tool’s offerings.

“The tool as such is very easy to use and has been a huge help to us in achieving the goals we have. The staff have easily been able to see which foods are preferred and we have made it easy for our guests to choose the right one.”
- Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

The key to ForSea’s success in seamlessly incorporating Klimato was fully embracing this initiative and being proactive about how to make full use of the tool, engaging the staff throughout the process:

“Our tip is that it is not only possible to buy a tool and believe that it will do the job in itself, but you also have to work with it.”
- Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

Forsea carbon labels on food
Forsea and Klimato environmental reporting

The Solution

To address this challenge, ForSea decided to use Klimato’s features in the following ways:

app, menu and reports mockups together
Calculator feature - to measure carbon emissions

All different kinds of food ingredients offered on the ferries were analyzed with Klimato’s tool to map out the carbon emissions of each dish. Based on the calculated carbon footprint, ForSea was able to implement carbon labels on their menu.

Carbon Labels - to communicate and educate

By including carbon labels on the packaging of their pre-made meals as well as on their menu in the canteen, ForSea took their sustainability commitment to the next level, engaging customers in conversations on food climate impact on the way. Not only did they inspire constructive conversations, but they were also able to actively influence consumer choices for the better.

Reporting feature - to track and compare

By implementing sales data in the Klimato tool, ForSea was able to track their overall data on emissions and their progress towards their sustainability goals. They were then able to produce hands-on reports based on the sales data, in order to track consumer behavior changes over time.

In addition to sales reports, ForSea has implemented procurement reports to help them calculate the carbon footprint of raw materials before ordering them, thus influencing which dishes they should cook and how to minimize their emissions at the root.

“As a part of our sustainability goals, we look at the CO2e numbers and having the Klimato sustainability reports makes it really easy for us to track this.”
- Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

Educating and Motivating Staff through Reports ForSea are consistent with their monthly reports and proudly display their monthly emission data for all the staff to weigh upon in the kitchen. This way, by internally highlighting good results and providing education on the topic, their staff is inspired and empowered to improve and keep striving to include sustainability in their work.



ForSea’s bet on sustainability and green marketing has paid off. Today, they are at 0.7 kg CO2e, which is 1 kg under the EU average of 1.7 kg CO2e per dish. Since using Klimato, they have reduced their food-related emissions by 22%.

University study conducted to prove ForSea’s results

One of the initiatives that helped ForSea achieve these results was the implementation of carbon labels on their menus. To test the impact of these labels on consumer behavior, ForSea conducted a study in partnership with Brandenburg University in the spring of 2022. The study involved testing sales for one week without labels and one week with carbon labels on the menus.

Successfully Influencing Customer Behavior With Carbon Labels

The results of the study showed that the use of carbon labels influenced customer behavior when it came to making their food order. As a result, the number of people choosing high impact dishes was reduced by 50% and at the same time customers bought more low impact dishes. In total, there were overall higher sales volumes on the week when carbon labels were displayed. The study showed that customers pay attention to the CO2e labels and often comment positively on them, suggesting that carbon labels can really have an impact on customers' awareness and engagement, while boosting food sales at the same time. This can give companies and service providers a huge benefit when doing menu planning, procurement or bottom line optimization.

“The survey is proof that what we do works, which makes me very proud. (...) We have gone from being a very traditional shipping company where everything looked the same for decades to today having succeeded in accelerating the change and getting the staff with us.”
- Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

Sustainability provides true value to businesses

ForSea's sustainability journey is a great example of how large transport companies can coordinate and implement sustainability on a large scale and reap brilliant results, hitting their target to bring down their food’s carbon footprint to half of the EU average. We are inspired by the results, hard work and passion that ForSea has shown by embracing Klimato. If you are seeking solutions to achieve similar results and become a market leader in your industry, feel free to contact us and get started with your sustainability journey today.

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